User Experience Designer

Stockholm, Sweden


As a User Experience Designer, with focus on user research and UX strategy, I strive to uncover crucial user needs in order to build better, accessible products and services that meet business goals.

Together with product teams I've for many years developed digital services and tools for leading Swedish media companies like the Swedish Television and Bonnier News.

Essential to my work is bringing different perspectives and skillsets together in all parts of the work process, in reaching a common set goal – both in discovery and delivery. I've experienced that the whole team approach mindset is more innovative, effective and exciting. It enables you to learn about, understand and affect areas that would otherwise be out of reach and comprehension.


100% of the team in a mob for 12 months — taking mob programming a couple of steps further.

A Guide to mob development, benefits and challenges.

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I love to share experiences, learn about and coach other teams. Especially teams working as a mob. 

Mob Programming Gathering 2020

Host: Agile New England
Who: Everyone interested in Mob Programming
What: Gathering
When: June 25, 2020 at noon – 2:30 EDT, 4:00 – 6:30 UTC
Why: For our theme of Learning together remotely

"Mob Programming is a fantastic way to share knowledge and skills, and to build our capabilities rapidly. Our panel will include 5 experts on Mob Programming with years of experience and lots of ideas on the opportunities we have to accelerate learning and build a learning environment."

Speakers: Lea Kovac Beckman, Mira Kottmann, Joe Yoder, Elizabeth Zagroba, Woody Zuill

Moderator: Scott Ford

Recording of the Mob Programming Gathering on YouTube.

Please visit the Mob Programming Conference for upcoming events.

Mob Programming Conference 2019

“Moberator” at the Mob Programming Conference April 11-12, 2019, near Boston.

Coders and non-coders in a mob. Taking a mission from idea, shared understanding to output


At this hands-on mob session you will experience the benefits (and challenges) that comes with including all different areas of expertise in a Mob.

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